About Us

Femeyosha Beauty Studio is a full-service beauty salon for ladies. We are dedicated to consistently providing highest satisfaction to our customer by rendering excellent service, quality products and pleasing ambience.

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Skincare is all about making sure your skin is in good shape; i.e. clear, soft and supple; by developing healthy habits, sensible cleansing and use of appropriate skin-care products in the right way. Our therapies focus on ensuring to freshen, tone, pamper and maintain your skin to a healthy, smooth and silky feel.


Femeyosha’s range of regular beauty services is all about pampering you. We are committed to delivering services that promote health, well-being, comfort and beauty. Our priorities are client-focused services and superior products. We offer nail-care services such as manicures, pedicures as well.


Femeyosha’s wide range of services offers you the latest trends and techniques in cutting, styling, colouring, straightening and rebounding. Our hair-care experts have the perfect solution for every hair problem.